About Venture

The original flyer created in January, 2013 to describe the Venture program at HTW:


Download a high quality version of the above flyer: Hindu Temple Venture flyer v3

Who can participate: Youth in grades 7th – 12th from families which participate in HTW are eligible to participate in the Venture program.  Younger youth may observe Venture activities as long as they are supervised by their parents.

What: The new VENTURE program is a mentoring program which cultivates civic responsibility and creative capacity in youth in grades 7th to 12th.  Youth participants learn skills, acquire knowledge and develop capabilities that enable them to use their creative talents to invent services and products to serve needs in their local community, particularly the Indian community in Montgomery and Harris Counties, Texas. Youth participants, also known as Venturers, will learn creativity and social innovation techniques based on the Invent and Innovate program developed by Peter Han and Javier Fernandez-Han.

Venturers will be supported by adult and youth mentors to join an existing Venture project or to start their own. Venture projects must serve a distinct audience group in the community and provide measurable beneficial impact to that group. The beneficial impact must surpass merely raising awareness or fund-raising.  Twice each calendar year, during Diwali Mela in November and during the month of May, Venturers report on the progress of their respective projects to the entire HTW community. Venture projects typically require at least 12 calendar months to produce measurable impact and can continue for multiple years.

Who are the leaders: The Education and Youth Services (EYS) Committee of Hindu Temple of The Woodlands hosts the new VENTURE program.  The VENTURE program is supported by the following mentors:

  • Latha Kuruvanka
  • Srini Katta
  • Jas Ghai
  • Divya Kompella
  • Arjun Sajjan
  • Jesal Patel
  • Fabian Fernandez-Han & Peter Han, who also serve as program consultants

and is supported by the following leaders of HTW:

  • Dr. Urmil Shukla
  • Rajendher Reddy
  • Deepak Gupta
  • Mai Melligiri
  • Suveena Guglani
  • Mayuri Agarwal

When/Where: Venturers meet on the second and fourth Sundays of every month in HTW’s north conference room from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm to learn new skills in the areas of creativity and social innovation.

Why: By participating in the Venture program, youth develop vital Creative Character traits and Capabilities that will help them thrive in secondary school, college and career. These character traits and capabilities include:

  • problem-finding
  • entrepreneurship
  • creative idea generation and innovation
  • collaboration and teamwork
  • project management
  • presentation-making and story-telling
  • persistence and resilience

These character traits and capabilities are typically not developed in an academic environment and so participation in Venture nicely complements participation in public or private schools. Additionally, participants in Venture develop empathy, civic responsibility and maturity as they focus on serving others in their community. Finally, Venture participants will distinguish themselves when applying for scholarships and admissions to college by virtue of their accomplishments in their respective venture projects. Across the USA, an exceedingly small number of youth engage in social innovation projects such as Venture.

Cost: A donation of $35 per youth per calendar year is requested to help offsite the expenses of the Venture program. The expenses include building and drawing materials used during Venture meetings, communication materials to keep HTW and Venturers informed of Venture activities, items for recognizing Venturer progress, etc.



Why Venture Program is Important for Youth

On April 28th, 2013 during the presentation to parents, Peter Han, Venture program founding mentor, described his view of the future, the 21st Century Skills that our youth will need to thrive in that uncertain future, how the Venture program will cultivate such skills in youth and shared examples of youth-led innovation from around the world. Our youth in the Venture program at HTW can achieve no less if they focus their attention, work diligently and persevere. Peter’s presentation can be viewed below.

Venture at HTW April 28, 2013 Presentation for parents


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